It is estimated that fouling increases the fuel consumption of the worlds commercial shipping fleet by 40% or approximately 120 Million MT at a cost of over $8 Billion US Dollars annually. Underwater works, such as hull and propeller cleaning on a regular basis can improve a ships fuel savings of up to 20% or better and in some cases even as much as 50% savings or more. This is the reason why underwater works monitoring and preventive maintenance pays for itself. The ships underwater hull roughness, marine fouling on the propeller, bent propellers and poor rudder conditions are all factors that will increase fuel usage due to the drag or inefficiency created by the damaged or affected area. We at Class Divers carefully inspect each portion of the hull during underwater works Class Divers underwater works provide economic and cost savings advantages associated with propulsion effectiveness such as:

  • Improved drag on the ships rudder and propeller creates fuel efficiency and improved ETA
  • Sea chest grids cleaned improve the suction through grating the flow of water to internal machinery and reduces pump wear
  • Cleaning the hull regularly prevents fouling grow
  • Removing barnacles growth at its first appearance reduces the likelihood of external hull corrosion and pitting during every cleaning

Our underwater services are performed by a professional staff, comprised of international certified commercial diving operators and supervisors, ship´s welding and repairs specialist divers, capable of providing the best service and guidance in every aspect of the ship´s operation industry and willing to serve our customers in all pertaining underwater works maintenance and repairs. At Class Divers we provide the highest degree of professional service in this field.

We, at Class Divers, are dedicated to the underwater services and follow all of the internationals standards of the Shipping Business (A.B.S., Class NK, and Lloyd´s).

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