hull cleaning

Hull cleaning and propeller polishing benefits:

  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces friction
  • Improves effective lifetime of anti-foulant and anti-corrosive paint systems
  • Minimizes direct operating costs
  • Avoid hull corrosion
  • Regain speed and peak efficiency

One of the major costs in the shipping industry, specially when it comes to operating a ship, is the cost of fuel. If you are able to reduce fuel consumption you will get, as result, a direct and proportional reduction in operating costs. In order to overcome hydrodynamic resistance (friction), 70% of a ship’s propulsive energy is needed, and keeping the hull and propeller surfaces in smooth conditions will minimize waste and enhance the speed from burning a barrel of fuel.

There’s another important factor to keep in mind and is not directly related to money, fuel or propulsion, we are talking about bio-fouling. By cleaning fouled suction grates you will surely improve the flow of water to the internal machinery and reduce pump wear. You need to prevent bio-fouling buildup by performing regular hull cleaning, and avoid hull corrosion and pitting by removing them at its first appearance.

At Classdivers you may find a certified diver for each one of your needs, for every single service we have a certified team. Whether if you are looking for hull cleaning, rudder and propeller polishing, underwater inspections, ship repairs, cutting and welding, or any other underwater service, Classdivers offers a skilled team available all over the world, guaranteeing the Class service you deserve.

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